Baker Brothers Holidaze
Bar & Grill
2827 N. Dal Paso Street
Hobbs, NM 88240
(575) 392-7169
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"At Baker Brothers Bar & Grill, our goal is to have quick, friendly service in a pleasant and warm atmosphere."

Baker Brothers is a hometown bar and grill that was established in 1993. Casey and Leticia Rains were the owners of Holidaze until May 2018 when the Baker Brothers, Fred and Skeeter purchased Holidaze from Casey and changed it to Baker Brothers Bar & Grill. 

The Baker Brothers have been involved in the restaurant and hospitality industry for over 25 years. Their approach to running a successful restaurant and bar is to make their customers feel as though they are at home. They focus on serving good food with sizable portions at a fair price. They pride themselves in their wide selection of wine, spirits and beer that are sure to please just about anyone.   

The Baker Brothers take pride in striving to provide quick, friendly service in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. They spend countless hours selecting the highest quality foods that is prepared fresh. They take a hands on approach with the kitchen and restaurant operations, constantly working to please their valued and loyal customers. 

The Baker Brothers give a lot of credit to the staff both past and present. Over time, there have been many employees that have contributed greatly to the success and accomplishments that the Baker Brothers Bar & Grill has made. 

Beyond that, the Baker Brothers, their families and the Baker Brothers Bar & Grill staff appreciate the customers that patronize the bar and grill. Your business and your support are appreciated beyond measure. It is because of our loyal customers, both past and present, that keep Baker Brothers Bar & Grill strong. Thank you all for your business.